Cereal/Vegetables Producing Countries

29 Apr 2017, Manish Padhi

Cereal Producing Countries :

Barley  Russia  Germany
Buckwheat  Russia  China
Maize (corn)  United States  China
Millet  India  Niger
Oat  Russia  Canada
Rice, paddy  China  India
Rye  Germany  Russia
Sorghum  United States  Mexico
Triticale  Poland  Germany
Wheat  China  India

Vegetables Producing Countries :

Lettuce  China United States 
Cucurbita  China  India 
Dry Bean Myanmar  India 
Onion (dry) China  India 
Cabbage and other brassicas China  India 
Green bean China  Indonesia 
Chickpea  India Australia 
Pulses (total) India Pakistan 
Cauliflowers and Broccoli China  India 
Eggplant  China India 
Potato China India 
Spinach China United States
Cassava Nigeria Thailand
Soybean United States Brazil
Carrot China Russia
Turnip China Uzbekistan
Cucumber China Turkey
Tomato China India
Ginger India China
Pumpkin and gourd China India
Rapeseed Canada China
Safflower India United States
Yam Nigeria Ghana
Sesame Myanmar India

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