General Awareness for SSC CGL 2017

12 Jun 2017, Sanjay Jagarwal

As you might be aware, syllabus for General Awareness is HUGE. But here is the news, Almost 50% of the questions asked in SSC CGL are repeated. Which makes your work easy if you revise all your previous year papers and solve speed tests.

# The level of questions is that of moderate difficulty. Make sure you Review all Speed Test questions, this will make you 75% ready.

# One thing to keep in mind, Do not make guesses in the General Awareness section, if you do, most likely you will mark it wrong. One negative question will lower your chance of selection by 3%.

# One last thing before we dive deep into the syllabus. While sitting in the examination hall, your concentration is at peak. First, solve the questions of English language (12-13 minutes) and then general awareness (6-7 minutes).

# Books: Lucent General Knowledge will be enough for most of the part. You can also follow NCERT (basically 9th and 10th std.)

# Last six month's Current Affairs will be more than enough.

Subject Wise Important Topics

Subject Important Topics
Pre-History Important Wars, Delhi Sultanate, Mosques, Tombs, Forts, Travelers, Religious movements
Post-History Entry of Europeans, Viceroys and their policies, 1857 Revolt, Reformers, Freedom Struggle, Acts: 1909, 1919, 1935 and 1947.
Polity History of Constitution, Constitutional developments, Preamble, Borrowed features of Constitution, Articles, Fundamental Rights. President, PM, CM, Parliament, Supreme Court and High Court.
Geography Soils, Rivers, Lakes, Trade & Transport, Atmosphere, Solar System, Ocean & Ocean Currents. Also summary of  CENSUS 2011
Economy GDP, GNP, NNP, Inflation, Budget Process, RBI Policies, Agricultural subsidies, PDS, Food Security, social and poverty alleviation programs. World Bank, Budget 2017, SEBI, IMF, 12th 5-year Plans
Physics Gravity, Laws of Motion, Work & Energy, Surface Tension, Pressure, Sound, Head Transfer, Magnetism, Units and Measurement
Chemistry Composition of Various Chemicals, Metals and Alloys, Types of Reactions, Redox, Use of carbon compounds
Biology Parts of Plant & their Functions, Parts of Human Body & their Functions, Animal Kingdom, Nutrients & Deficieny Diseases, Diseases Prevention & Cure.
Computer Development of Computers, Input & Output Devices, Memory, Abbreviations.
Miscellaneous Important Books & Writers, Oscar Winners, First in Sports for India and World, Nobel Laureates & their Fields, Famous Sea Ports, Airports and their locations.


Do not buy random books or you will end up wasting your precious time. Quant section is the most important so your focus should be spending daily 3-4 hours on quant itself. 1.5 hour will be enough for General Awareness.






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